helping you build, service & maintain the electrical, lighting, technology & signage systems that keep businesses growing



full-service commercial lighting and electrical contractors offering design, construction, service, maintenance & more.


from design, to procurement, to installation, & warranty after the fact, fsg lighting is able to help businesses get the commercial lighting they need.


fsg signs is a full service design, fabrication, & service shop for every type of signage your business could need.

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integrate, install, monitor and solve your toughest building automation and iot challenges. see and act on your buildings anytime, anywhere through one centralized cloud platform.

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from structured cabling, to interactive conference rooms, to access controls, fsg technology teams are able to help design, install & maintain the systems that keep you connected.


advanced infrastructure services designed to build 5g networks faster. fsg telecom is able to design, construct, & service 5g networks.


from small business retrofits, to full service utility program support, the fsg energy efficiency programs team is able to support a wide variety of inititiaves designed to save energy & money

who we are

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since 1982, our commercial electrical & lighting repair & maintenance services have helped thousands of businesses find strength in their facilities.

we believe it should be easier for businesses and other organizations to get help with their facilities challenges. we're motivated by the greater success our clients can experience when their buildings truly start working for them.

fsg is a team of commercial lighting and electrical professionals focused on solving facility challenges large and small. _亚搏体育凯发娱发k8官网入口app-官方下载

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fsg is only as strong as our teams. we're always looking for people who are ready to make a difference. take charge, make a move, and come find out where we can go together.


around the corner and around the country. _亚搏体育凯发娱发k8官网入口app-官方下载


with locations nationwide, we can be where you need us.

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