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The Taos Web Center has designed and built a variety of sites for many satisfied customers. We feel confident that you will be impressed with what we've done and invite you to explore a few of our examples to the right>>>

Our Brochure Package provides a brochure for potential clients to find out more about your business. When a person expresses casual interest in your work, a brochure site allows you to offer more just than a phone number and address. Your business is obviously more than a name and number and a dynamic site can introduce a person to your work without the hassle or cost of sending out printed material.

Our E-Commerce Package offers you the opportunity to sell merchandise over the internet. A commerce website may initially cost a little more than a brochure site, but it can become your place of business. When you consider a website as a place of business it has incredibly low overhead and a huge market audience. You don't need to be a huge corporation to reach a large audience or to give a professional impression.

Content Manager

Is your web designer either too slow or too expensive?  We can design a content manager specific to your site.  It will make it easy for you to update important images or text yourself!  No prior design/ programming experience necessary!

Many people are turning to the internet because of their busy lives or their desire to save time, to save gas and to stay at home. For people who live in the middle-of-nowhere-America the internet has allowed them to purchase items that before they had to travel many, many miles to find. As a retailer the internet's large audience allows you to live wherever you want without giving up your ability to tap into niche markets. Furthermore the internet allows your store to stay open 24/7 without hiring a salesperson.

We also offer database packages as well as custom packages to fit your needs. Please contact us to set up a free consultation with a price quote!

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taos bed and breakfast
Alma de Monte Luxury Lodging had has had another redesign. While maintaining some of their old character this site has become MORE classy and beautiful.

woodfired pottery
Woodfired Pottery Site this is an e-commerce site for woodfired pottery.

taos bed and breakfast
New Mexico Mortgages website for a Taos Mortgage and Loan buisness. This site was redesigned to both look better and come up higher in the search engines.

taos yoga
Amani Taos Yoga is a website for Amani's yoga practice. The purpose of the site is to provide students with Amani's schedule and a description of her classes.

arroyo seco

The town of Arroyo Seco, NM was looking for a website that represented its charming qualities while offering visitors a chance to find out about the town and what services and events it offered.

casa benavides bed and breakfast

Taos' Bed and Breakfast Old Taos Guest House had an aesthetically old site.  They were coming up low in the search engines under 'taos bed and breakfast'. The owners believe that the redesign has lead to doubled business... and this is a slow year according to some!.

arroyo seco

Taos Real Estate site for brokers Peter and Amanda Lora offers users and incredible tour of the Taos MLS system and a perfect introduction to Sholan a fantastic and exeperienced Taos realtor.

portland impov theater and dance classes

Portland Oregon Improvisation and Acting Classes are presented in a clean clear fashion. The jumping off place offers students and opportunity to explore improvisation through dance and theater.

taos bed and breakfast
Taos Massage and Spa Estrella massage and spa was not appearing under the term of Taos Massage. We worked on optimization and then created a more bold and exciting design.

casa benavides bed and breakfast

Taos' Bed and Breakfast needed an overhaul.  They were coming up low in the search engines under 'taos bed and breakfast' and it was difficult to search their 39 rooms.  Now they come up #2 and TWC has built them a nifty search tool.

taos bed and breakfast
Taos Country Inn has had another redesign to help them come up higher in the search engines.

portland impov theater and dance classes

New Mexico Rafting Company Los Rios needed an upate to it's current site design. They were looking for a pull down navigation and some animation. This site is still underconstruction.

taos bed and breakfast
Taos Association of Bed and Breakfasts presents had a website that could not be found on google and could barely be navigated. TWC optimized and redesigned the site. The site now comes up high for the term 'taos bed and breakfast' . Additionally it has an easy to use navigation.

taos bed and breakfast
Taos Art Brokerage and Appraisal presents art for sale and appraisal on the web. Taos Art Brokerage is designed to assist both private and public collectors with the sale of art and antiques in the secondary art market.

Clement Meadmore
Works by artists such as Clement Meadmore, Bozidar Kemperle and Rothko appear in this New York City gallery collection.

taos bed and breakfast
Taos Bed and Breakfast Lodging site American Artists Bed and Breakfast is the type of inn that offers beautiful loding and deserved a site that presented their place properly.

writing salons

No longer online, this site advertised writing workshops around the world.

new mexico art

High Road Artisan's site was redesigned by Taos Web Center.  One of Taos' great studio tours. This site was entirely redesigned to be cleaner and more professional.

A New Mexico Bird watching site was a business that took people bird watching, on natural history tours and snowshoeing in Taos, NM.(no longer posted)

taos weddings
A wedding site that stays simple and tasteful with a touch of humor incorporated into the design.  The site gives wedding guests a means of finding lodging, getting directions, RSVPing.  The site is custom designed with personalized aspects such as a background created from the couple's wedding invitation paper.

i ching counselling

I CHING interpretation is an online opportunity to have your I ching coin toss interpreted by a gifted counselor.

Ben Allen in RAD

Bill Allen of the cult movie RAD now has a site that with his biography headshots as well as a space in which he can sell memorbilia to his 80s classic RAD.

Taos Real Estate Listings can be photographed and then posted at their own web address. This is an example of one real estate listing posted for a New York Couple to show their apartment.

Some of the worlds leading contemporary poets are featured on the Minor Heron site.  Here you can go to purchase recordings and/or videos of people such as Ntozake Shange and Allen Ginsberg.

A taos real estate for Taos realtor Peter Fay who recently relocated from California.  Taos Web Center worked on Branding the fay company by creating the slogan "Real Estate the Right Way" to add a cater to a Taos audience.

Pumice-Crete DSL a new technology for building which is affordable and earth friendly.  One of the first contractors in this field needed an update to his website which was hard to navigate.

LMI: Natural Lead needed a website for corporate clients.  Tom Williford was looking for a simple yet comprehensive way to explain his business and experience to clients. He has since passed away and his site is no longer online. 

Taos' Los Rios River Runners needed a new more professional introductory page as well as a clear, easy navigation.  Here is a taste of Taos Web Center's redesign of their home page (with current river and weather data).

www.stonesspeaking.com a sculptor's site designed as a portfolio for the artist's sculptures and fountains.

Garden and Soul finally decided it was time to sell their stock online. Taos Web Center created an online store with admin for them. Now you can see their unique custom greeting cards by going to their website.

The Mess  is a punk rock jewelry and clothing site.  Ideally this type of site would be databased with a content manager but until that happens they wanted to offer users the ability to get 'similar' items to the ones they see on screen.  Thus the website doesn't have to be continually updated with each sale.

www.schwartzranch.com is a site dedicated to offering a tour of Kenneth Schwartz's ranch.  This site creates an easy to use land tour.(no longer posted)

nancydiamonddesigns.com was a site designed to display and sell the work of nancy diamond, an innovative knitter in the Taos, New Mexico area.  This site has a content manager so that Items can be deleted/ added/edited as Nancy Diamond desires.(no longer posted)

www.taostamale.com a southwestern site designed to sell tamales, tortillas, shirts, and other gift items online.(no longer posted)

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